The Internet Explorer 7 Countdown

Moving the world off Internet Explorer 7

This Can Be Secondary Heading

Oh, ma! Who did this?? A guy, who wasted too much time hacking designs for IE, Josef Richter. Now I do mostly iPhone Apps design at and trying my luck with – because hourly rates make no sense.

This Can Be Secondary Heading

Set in League Gothic by The League of Moveable Type and Calluna Sans by Jos Buivenga. Also uses Less Framework 4 by Joni Korpi. This site is NOT optimized for IE, so that you can compare…

Update: We did it! IE7 is below 1% across the world!

Thanks everyone for their part of help. Now let’s watch IE8 countdown, IE9 countdown and IE10 countdown too!


Have a website? Encourage Internet Explorer 7 users to upgrade by displaying the countdown banner to Internet Explorer users only.


Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 7. And neither should acquaintances. Educate others about moving off of Internet Explorer 7.


Let others know that you’re doing your part to get Internet Explorer 7 to 1%.

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